AT Holistic Bodyoptions Inc., our goal is to maintain our leadership status by continuing our commitment to exceptional service with the best service and the highest standards of care. We work with each client on an individual basis to establish their specific needs and then meet those needs through our best services and professionals.

Wellness Body Treatments 
§  Ayurvedic Acupressure 
§  Healing body massage
§  Acupressure massage   
§  Foot Reflexology
§  Lymphatic Drainage massage
§  Indian Acu head massage (For hair Loss)
§ Reiki
§  Therapeutic Crystal Healing
§  Healing hot stone therapy
§  Solar Plexus Alignment (Dharan)
     §  Yoga and meditation 


 Beauty and skin care
§  Facial Treatments
§  Waxing

Healthcare services

§  RMT Services
§  Acupuncture Services